In the Mailbox

December 6, 2012

Today when I visited the Post Office, I had a surprise from Lani Fry.  She sent me The Bad Dog’s Diary.  My mission is to read it without my baddogs getting any new ideas.  What a nice gift.  Thank you Lani.

A few days ago my CardiClaus package arrived from Karen Lyons at Woodrose Cardigans (and other critters).  It contained great “stuff” — an ingenious bottlebrush sheep ornament, a little stuffed sheep (no Chase, not yours), a patriotic kerchief with Corgi pin (Chase does not want this gift), a very ingenious travel water bottle, stuffed bones — they all want these.  Thank you Karen for the fun collection of items.  The great-smelling soap is already in the shower, the candle is on a bookcase in the office.  There was an Isle of Dogs shampoo sample (none of the dogs want this item).

Thanks Cardi Claus for putting the exchange together.

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  1. Anne says:

    Is Martin Howard Nola’s “pen name”?