January, 2013

  1. March 25th — The Puppy Date

    January 23, 2013 by myeye

    Yesterday we took another Dory blood sample for progesterone testing.  Dory was up to 7.0 which means she ovulated on Monday.  Chase told me today was a really good day and Dory agreed.  So. a breeding has occurred.  Whoopee!!!  63 days from January 21st will be March 25th when we will turn on the Puppy Cam and see the new baybeez.  I cannot wait because I LOVE puppies!

  2. Dory Gave Blood

    January 19, 2013 by myeye

    Miss Dory is in season (I count January 17th as day 1).  So this morning she (and I) went to Dr. Donnie’s for a blood draw for her first progesterone test.  Because Donnie specializes in reproductive issues, they check their lab results even on Sunday, so we’ll have the first number tomorrow morning by email.  Probably April Fools Day puppies.  Given Chase’s and Dory’s outlook on life, the litter will be comprised of very silly, happy baybeez.  I cannot wait!  We are 99% sure that Chase is not black-factored so are expecting Brindles, Reds, and Sables.  All of them will be black-factored.

    Donnies’s clinic is close to the office so we drove through Starbucks and are now at the office.  Dory is wearing her pretty panties and was flinging the cushions off my couch.  It’s a good thing most of my clients are detained (that’s Federal talk for “in jail”) because my office is not fit for man — only for beast.  Here is happy Dory on her couch.


  3. Naughty on the Outside, But Inside . . .

    January 18, 2013 by myeye

    Naughty Nola (27 months old) had her hips and elbows xrayed today for OFA submission.  The elbows were quite perfect.  Here are the hips.  What do you think.  I will post OFA’s opinion when we get it.  My thanks to Ellen Gerwin and the staff at Aztec Animal Clinic for putting up with the little red girl this morning.  Nola has already been tested clear for PRA, CERFed Normal, tested clear for DM and EE.  She does carry the fluff gene — but what’s a little hair among friends?

  4. Michelle – This Only Happens To Other Families

    January 16, 2013 by myeye

    Yesterday we learned that my 17-year old niece Michelle was shot and killed in Baltimore.  She had been attending school there.

    We all hope to remain healthy as we grow old.  We hope never to bury one of our children.  Michelle was vibrant, loved to ride.  She had a terrific smile and a great sense of humor.  She was bright and (when she wasn’t acting like a teenager) was sweet and caring.  How we will all miss her.  She was the only child of my eldest (little) brother and his wife.  I searched my digital files and found this photo from Christmas 2010.  I will always think of her this way.

    Hug your children close today.

  5. After the Weekend and Other Oddities

    January 14, 2013 by myeye

    It’s nearly 7:00 AM and it is 12 degrees.  Yesterday at this time it was only 1 degree.  It must be a heat wave!

    This was the weekend that I decided to break out the new grinder (you may recall my previous appliance bit the dust).  I grind part of the dogs’ raw meals so every three weeks or so.  I thaw a pile of various meats and run them through with veggies.  I package them in meal-sized Glad boxes and stack in the freezer.  That gives me a huge sense of satisfaction and makes meal time easy — just thaw a box for dinner, divide up into the four dogs’ bowls, add their supplements and we are good to go.

    So — the new grinder:

    Control Panel

    Say what?  Reverse I understand, but “No”?  No what?  So I plugged it in and pushed the buttons.  “No” is upside down for “On” and “Half” is a somewhat phonetic spelling of “Off”.  I should have known when I saw these that I was in trouble.  This thing is supposed to be 2.0 horsepower and 1800 watts.  I assure you it isn’t.  My old grinder which was 1.5 horsepower and 1600 watts could whip up 35 pounds of  meat and veggies in an hour.  This version moaned and groaned, it squashed the meat and vegetables rather than grinding them.  After taking it apart a half dozen times, I chopped the veggies and cut the meat into sizes that would fit in my freezer containers.  On a whim, I had purchased the eBay warranty — thank goodness!  However, now I have the hassle of returning this one and making a warranty claim.  Shoot!  However. this photo is a nice complement to the “Breaking experts” at the local auto shop.  Just for your records, this is a “CuisinePro” grinder.

    It’s definitely Monday.