a January 19th, 2013

  1. Dory Gave Blood

    January 19, 2013 by myeye

    Miss Dory is in season (I count January 17th as day 1).  So this morning she (and I) went to Dr. Donnie’s for a blood draw for her first progesterone test.  Because Donnie specializes in reproductive issues, they check their lab results even on Sunday, so we’ll have the first number tomorrow morning by email.  Probably April Fools Day puppies.  Given Chase’s and Dory’s outlook on life, the litter will be comprised of very silly, happy baybeez.  I cannot wait!  We are 99% sure that Chase is not black-factored so are expecting Brindles, Reds, and Sables.  All of them will be black-factored.

    Donnies’s clinic is close to the office so we drove through Starbucks and are now at the office.  Dory is wearing her pretty panties and was flinging the cushions off my couch.  It’s a good thing most of my clients are detained (that’s Federal talk for “in jail”) because my office is not fit for man — only for beast.  Here is happy Dory on her couch.