a February 3rd, 2013

  1. Duck! Here Comes Chase!

    February 3, 2013 by myeye

    Chase is entered in Started A Course Ducks at our National Specialty (as well as Advanced Sheep) so he needed to practice on the birds.  Today was overcast and cool — but not windy — perfect for herding.  Ellen brought a set of her Call ducks to Claudia’s for Chase and Banjo.  The past three weekends Chase has been working beautifully, taking direction when needed, but mostly paying attention to his stock and moving with them.  It’s really lovely to watch.  Here are stills of his duck adventure today.  Unfortunately I did not bring the video camera — we certainly had a video moment when a rooster hopped the fence into the arena and Chase decided he should be moved with his ducks.  It was a hoot.  You have no idea how fast a rooster can run!

    So, back to the ducks.

    Here is today’s set of ducks.  The light one is older and left the group frequently.  Chase delighted in rounding him up.

    Chase’s first outrun*

    And he’s got ’em

    Whoops!  The old guy is breaking away

    Steady does it

    Going around to the pen entrance

    All put away

    Now let’s go between the panels

    We had a great outing.  The Chaseman is turning into a skilled stockdog.

    *  Note that on this first run, Chase is wearing his 10′ plether line.  It’s a “just in case” he gets too carried away.  Ducks are far more fragile than sheep, and Ellen would step on the line if the birds were in danger.