a February 20th, 2013

  1. Four Days in Denver and Upcoming

    February 20, 2013 by myeye

    Chase and Nola went to Denver last weekend for four days of dog shows.  Chase was there because he is going to the National Specialty and needed a refresher course on being a show dog.  His last conformation outing was in June.  Of course, he thought he was there to meet girls.  Poor Jess — she had her work cut out.  On Sunday, he managed a Best Opposite Sex to the lovely Libby.  The other three days he was unceremoniously dumped.  However, rumor has it that he had a splendid time.  Naughty Nola won the open class each of the first three days and on Saturday was Winners Bitch.  Unfortunately, she was not awarded Best of Winners so received only two points.  She needs a three-point major for her championship and the major was only in dogs.  Because the major in dogs did not hold on Monday, Nola did not show at all.  She did, however, entertain.  Now Chase will get back to herding and Nola to her agility class.

    Saturday and Sunday in Greenville SC, Lowri was Best of Breed both days, earned her Bronze level Grand Championship, and, on Sunday took a Group IV.  Lowri is always handled by co-owner Cheryl Kienast while our other co-owner, Susan Long, stands outside the ring and sweats bullets.  Lowri is in season and this weekend will be bred to GCH Twinroc Santa Paws (“Dickens”).  That litter will be due in late April or on May 1 — personally, I think a May day litter would be splendid.  Here’s how she looked this weekend.

    On the home front, Dory is showing early signs of pregnancy.  She should be just over four weeks along.  In a week, she’ll be losing her waist.  She is very sweet and lovey though, and we have pert pink nipples announcing impending motherhood.

    Because the puppies are due on March 25th, I will not be attending the National Specialty, however, Tom and Carolyn Cannon are going to swing by Los Lunas before they head to Tucson.  They will likely be here when Dory gives us puppies which will be very cool.  Kathleen McCombs will spend a night here on her way to Tucson as well.  It will be great to have a visit!  I am so far off the beaten path that my big social event is usually going to Court.  (How sad is that?)  So, I am excited about having company.  It also means that I will clean the house which is a REALLY big deal.