a March 4th, 2013

  1. Dory – Six Weeks Post Ovulation

    March 4, 2013 by myeye

    I got a better photo this morning (3/5) when she did a frog dog at my feet.  Our Dory is definitely going to have babies — three weeks to go.


    You are looking at the business end of Dory.  Today marks six weeks since she ovulated.  Wednesday will be six weeks since her first breeding.  How many babies do you think she will give us?  Dory is from a free-whelped litter of eleven and Chase was part of a litter of ten (not that his litter size makes any difference).  Dory was bred four times — AI, and then three natural breedings.

    I wish she had done a frog dog for me, but she wasn’t in the mood.  I can say that she has filled out considerably from her little hard-body self to a very rounded girl.

    Let’s start a pool: Number of puppies, sex count, colors (tie breaker).  Chase does not appear to carry black so we will get brindle, red and sable.  The person that is closest to the number and sex breakdown will get a prize — don’t know what yet, but I will send something dog-related.

    I will update Dory’s photo each week.