a March 18th, 2013

  1. The New Whelping Box

    March 18, 2013 by myeye

    All the pieces are together and once the thermostat and wires are hung out of reach, Dory may take up residence.  The box was made by John Welby (Grayfoot Agility LLC).  He used expanded PVC and (because this is for me) marked the places where A screws to B, etc.  In the photos, the panel on the right will become the back end of the puppy potty/play area when the baby baddogs are ready.  There are two 40″ long sides that attach to the box (right hand side in the first photo).  There is a drop-in door which I’ve removed for now.  There is a drop-in door on the opposite side as well so I can orient the box (with play area) differently.  The brackets that make up the sliders for insertion of the doors are covered with clear shipping tape to prevent possible scrapes.  The entire operation breaks down and fits in a 39″ flat screen television box (which I scored from one of my office mates).  Of course, if you need to go purchase one to obtain the box, I would understand.  The heat source is a Hydrofarm 20″ x 20″ seedling heat mat.  It lays flat on the floor of the whelping box and has an adjustable thermostat (sold separately).  The cotton pads are recycled hospital pads.  I have a dozen or so and wash every day when I have puppies.  The box can be disassembled and completely sprayed down and disinfected between litters.  When we add the play/potty area, I’ll post more photos.  All the whelping supplies (in a wide wheeled three drawer plastic drawer unit), extra pads, scale, puppy cam are behind where I was standing to take photos.

    Looking at the SW Corner of the Box.  The panel that is removed to become the back of the puppy play/potty area is on the right

    To the SE corner (tan at edge of door is shadow)

    The Hydrofarm thermostat

    The Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat

    Wrong dog, but he had to approve it before Dory could move in

  2. Dory Has One Week To Go

    March 18, 2013 by myeye

    Here is our fat Dory at eight weeks pregnant.  She is having trouble getting comfortable and thinks she is going to starve to death — both good signs.  I finished assembling the whelping box so she is moving into her own room today.  I’ll get the puppy cam mounted and ready to go next weekend — and on Saturday morning we’ll have the puppy-count-x-ray.  I’m so excited to have puppies after a two and one-half year drought.  You’ll note that her sides are wider than her haunches or her shoulders.  Her bottom clearance is only a couple of inches.

    Weekend Update:  On Sunday at Louisville, the beautiful Scout was Best of Opposite Sex and the Chase/Scout daughter Ginger was Select to her mom.  Pretty Ginger now has three Grand Champion Majors — all owner-handled by Kathy Metcalfe.