a March 21st, 2013

  1. If You Guessed Fewer Than 8, You Lose!

    March 21, 2013 by myeye

    Dory and I went to visit Dr. Donnie this morning because I just could not wait any longer to know how many CHIClets Dory was toting around.  She’s gained 9 pounds since January 22nd when we did the first breeding.  She lost the mucous plug this morning and Donnie does not think she will wait for Monday.  Whenever she is ready, I am ready.  Here is the x-ray.  As always, there could be a puppy hiding, but the skulls and spines are well formed and uniform.  Good girl Dory!

  2. Dory Update and Happy Birthday to Hunter

    March 21, 2013 by myeye

    Our Dory is in her last few days of dragging around a tummy full of babies. I hope to get a good photo of her when we go to the vet’s for her puppy count x-ray. I noticed last night that she is barely making it through the dog door. She’s still happy and always hungry. I’ve increased her food and, since I raw feed, have eliminated bone from her diet for the final two weeks of the pregnancy. The theme for this litter is Colleges that begin with the letter “A”. There is quite a list. (“Auburn” has already been claimed.) Of course, that’s just for the registered names — call names are up to the puppies’ families. Anne and I were thinking we might identify the mascots for each of the schools. Monday is the day, but we’ll have an update with the x-ray before then. You can all help us count heads/spines.

    Today Chase’s Dad Am/Can Ch Merrymoon Firestorm is celebrating his 17th birthday.  That makes me happy for two reasons: because Hunter is a grand dog and it’s lovely that he is still keeping Shelley company, and because it bodes well for Chase’s longevity.  I hope to have him around for many years to come.  Side note:  Chase’s mom, Alice, will celebrate her 13th birthday in June.

    Shelley posted some photos of Hunter on her blog.  For our puppy people in waiting, I hope you’ll take a look at the photos of your puppies’ paternal grandfather.

    Here are two photos I boosted from Shelley’s post.  Note that Hunter, sitting in the first photo closely resembles Chase who is the dog on the right in the second photo.  In the second photo, Chase was 18 months old.  He and his half-sister Dolly were the “progeny” for the Stud Dog Class in which Hunter was named #1 stud dog for 2009.  That same year Chase and his littermate Pilot were the “representative progeny” for their mother, Ch Mariel Reese’s Alice Springs.  “Alice” was selected as Best Brood Bitch.

    Happy birthday, Hunter.  We’re proud to have your son and many of your grandpuppies.