Herding the Angora 3-10-13

March 10, 2013

The Churro are the preferred hair sheep of the Navajo weavers.  Dr. Barb has bred them for many years and, last week, Chase andBanjo began dog-breaking them.  They will herd very well.

It was pretty cold this morning when we headed north for a session (snowing at our home in Los Lunas).  To make sure the dogs had a good practice, Ellen brought out a set of Angora goats.  (I think they look like standard poodles in need of a trim).  Chase was a little wild, forgot all the “S” words like “Stop”, “Sit”, “Steady” . . .  He still did a credible job.  Fewer than three weeks until the National Specialty Trials.  Chase and Ellen will be leaving on Thursday the 28th for Phoenix.  I’ll be home with the Dory puppies and most welcome company.