The College Kids Are Here

March 26, 2013

Yesterday afternoon (3/25) Dory started delivering her puppies sired by Chase.  The first four were born about 20 minutes apart, but then came the great slowdown.  Three more puppies took about 5 hours to make it to terra firma.  Then we were waiting for Numero Ocho.  Dory couldn’t deliver him.  So at 1:15 this morning I was at the Los Lunas Animal Clinic.  Dr. Thompson and Katie met me there to take charge of Dory.  The seven puppies that were already bouncing around were in a warming box that we plugged in at the Clinic.  We x-rayed Dory, and sure enough, that 8th puppy was deep in her tummy with its feet in the air.  It had not even begun a trip toward the birth canal.  So, we decided to do a C-Section, hoping the last baby was still alive.

The little brindle boy had a heartbeat.  We worked on him for an hour and a half — oxygen, vigorous rubbing, a medication to speed up his heart rate.  AND HE MADE IT!!!  I always give the puppies “litter names” as they are born.  The little man is “Joiner” because he decided to stay with us.

Puppies in order of birth:

Cameron — a big brindle girl with pretty markings

Dally – a little red girl with few white markings

Emir – a big red boy with lots of frosting

Faust – a dark brindle boy, also with plenty of chrome

Gandolf – a dark brindle boy with a wide collar

Hillary – a red girl with exquisite markings (similar to Naughty Nola’s)

Intrigue – a brindle girl so dark that she appears black – with a pretty even white ruff

Joiner – a little brindle boy with a split collar — he got off to a rocky start, but is staying with us so far

Dory is a superb mom.  The baybeez are clean and well fed.  I couldn’t ask for a more attentive mother.  They all gained during their first 24 hours at the home of the baddogs.  The puppy cam will go up tomorrow.  There will be a password so send me a post from “Contact Penni” above and I’ll share it with you as well as the “rules”.  The rules are designed to prevent me from using so much bandwidth that my internet provider pulls my plug.

I find it interesting that the puppies have segregated themselves.  All the brindles but Joiner are at Dory’s front, the three reds are at the back.  Joiner is napping under her tail.  You know life in the whelping box is good when the sound emanating from the room is a soft hum.  Great job, Dory!


  1. Pete Trinque says:

    Glad to hear that everything went relatively well. Glad to hear that Dory did and is doing well. Glad to hear that the puppies are doing well, especially little Joiner. I’ll bet you are happy but tired. Congrats and get some rest.


  2. Geraldine Rivera says:

    We can only see 5 dark heads and 2 red ones and Joiner, the hero! They’re sweet and beautiful.

  3. Geraldine Rivera says:

    Sorry, 4 dark heads.

  4. Valerie says:

    They are adorable. Good job to Dory and Penni!!

  5. Margaret Williams says:

    Aw! Life is good!

  6. Robin says:

    I’ve been holding my breath the last weekend, waiting for your post and sending good thoughts for Dory and her babes. I’m thrilled to see the all the sweetness. Hurray for Joiner! I hope everyone can get a little rest!!

    Robin (Mother of Mr. Spock the Cardigan)

  7. Cheryl says:

    They are beautiful puppies! Big and round and lovely!

  8. Taryn says:

    Congrats on the beautiful litter! May they THRIVE! I look forward to seeing them grow.

  9. Terry Sattler says:

    What a lovely family of pups! Congratulations! Please give Dory, that sweet mama, a little scratch behind the ear for me.

  10. nancy says:

    Congratulations Penni,Dory and your Vet and staff!! Chaseman must be busy passing out cigars. Looks like a wonderful litter. Best of Luck!!

  11. Frank says:

    What a beautiful family! And glad to see that Joiner chose to stick around!

  12. Michele says:

    Cong-Rats on a lovely litter!

  13. Bobbie says:

    Got back from camping and finally got to catch up- I lost the connection at four puppies! Congrats on a beautiful litter and I’m sure glad you caught that last one.

  14. Hooray! So glad to know they have arrived and are all doing well!!!!!! Sending “Grow Strong!” vibes!!

  15. nancy says:

    Just took a peek at the puupycam. They are too cute for words!! Looks like Dory is being a great mom and really has her paws full. Good Luck!!

  16. Margaret says:

    I peeked at puppy cam this morning too…I can’t believe how strong they are! Dory must have ‘super milk!’