The National Specialty Show Has Started

March 31, 2013

Yesterday was the first day of the National Specialty Herding Trials.  Our Chaseman earned his first Started Duck leg.  His score was high enough that he earned 1st place in the class and Reserve High in Trial-Ducks.  That was very cool.  His sheep run was awful and he disrespected Ellen so he did not get to finish his run.  I’m so hoping that he is better on sheep today and repeats his success in ducks.

Last night Chase was bred to Kathy Schwabe’s beautiful girl “Lilly” (CH Xtacee Black Swan).  I am looking forward to photos of those babies who will be raised in Pennsylvania.  This is the pedigree.

Last night some of my friends stayed over on their way to Tucson.  Sheri Morrow from Denver was here (I think to see puppies more than to see me).  Sheri arrived bearing wine.  She’ll be back Wednesday night.  Kathleen McCombs from Waco stayed — and brought me a beautiful set of Cardigan Stained Glass coasters made by her husband.  She’ll be back on Sunday night.  She also brought a bag of puppy toys.  I cannot wait until the babies open their eyes and can appreciate the toy haul they received.  Tom and Carolyn Cannon have been here for a few days.  They’ve picked up some of the myriad chores on my list.  Tom took baby puppy photos yesterday.  As soon as I have cropped them all, I will post for you.  I am totally not objective about these puppies, but I think you’ll all agree they are beautiful.  And EVERYONE needs a dose of virtual puppy breath.

Nola will be flying to Arkansas tomorrow to meet up with the very handsome Heath (CH Pluperfect Merrymoon Practical Magic.  The pedigree is here.  We should have Nola puppies at the end of the first week of June.  That litter should “puppy me out” for a while.  Nola needs someone to play with since Chase is at the National Specialty and our old Inca Dink is staying with my granddaughter being dreadfully spoiled.  I thought that I would give the old girl a break from all the visiting people and dogs.

The puppies:  All seven are well over a pound.  Dory keeps them nice and clean and VERY well-fed.  When I weigh them in the morning they cuddle into my neck.  It makes everything okay.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Awww, I want a rooting puppy nuzzling my neck, too! Hopefully, Chase will find his sheep brain today! Can’t wait for photos!