a April 4th, 2013

  1. Angel Cardi

    April 4, 2013 by myeye

    This is a short post because it hurts so much to write it.  Last night we lost Emir.  I don’t expect to lose a 10-day old, 20 oz. puppy, but it happened.  He apparently suffered a trauma — perhaps his mom stepped on him.  It resulted in a clot which blocked his ability to urinate.  He lost 4 ounces in a 24-hour period and his tummy became extended.  I took him to my vet — he spent all day there where they drew 30 ml of urine out of his bladder.  I rented an oxygen machine (plan to purchase a used one before Nola’s litter is due) and picked him up.  We were trying to stabilize him for surgery.  I brought him home and allowed him to try to nurse.  His little heart stopped beating and he was gone.

    My pretty red boy puppy is gone.  That’s all I can write.