a April 18th, 2013

  1. Puppy Business

    April 18, 2013 by myeye

    Perhaps it is “Puppy Busy-ness”.  At 3-1/2 weeks, the College Kids are into their surroundings.  Cameron, the first born, is an escape artist.  When I am receiving texts from puppycam watchers that she is out “again”, I start thinking of ways to keep the puppies in their box, but still give mom access.  Last night I attached a piece of rubber cove molding at the doorway.  It protrudes into their space, but doesn’t make the entry any higher.  Cameron has escaped only once since I did that.  Here I must sing the praises of duct tape yet again!

    Some photos of the kids going about their business:

    Mmmm — yummy goat milk and ground turkey

    Cameron on the outside of the box — she doesn’t even miss her brothers and sisters

    Dally checks out the plumbing — a 4″ angle — the boys are too fat so I’ll try to find an 8″ pipe

    A pile of brindles

    I’m having trouble remembering to do anything but enjoy puppies.  As they grow, it gets even more difficult.  Mmmmm, puppy breath!