Chase’s Started Duck Run RHIT Cardigan (ducks)

April 5, 2013

Thanks to Cindy Traylor who arranged for this video.  This is the only good thing Chase did at the Herding Trials (other than breeding the lovely Lilly).  But — we’ll take a duck leg, first in the class, and Reserve High in Trial Cardigan on Ducks.  Chase sent home two big rosettes, a plushy crate pad and two glasses etched with a Cardigan Herding Ducks and “Tucson 2013”.  Very cool!  Thanks to his pilot Ellen Gerwin.  To work with Chase she clearly has the patience of a saint.


  1. BuilderMama says:

    That was fun watching him work…and talk! Way to go Daddy Chase!

  2. DeAnn says:

    Ooooh… he was sure giving her the business! Baddog! Smooch enters the ring (any ring) the exact same way. “Hey, look people and stuff to smell. Whee! What??? you want me to work? Well, if you insist”. LOL Congrats on the leg!

  3. susan says:

    Yay, Chase! Congratulations again!

  4. Margaret Williams says:

    I love that attitude and drive! Good boy Chase!

  5. Terry Sattler says:

    Chase looks like he’s having so much fun! Great to watch — thanks for sharing.

  6. Kathy Schwabe says:

    So cool to watch Chase work– I cant imagine Lilly EVER doing this— she’d have Duck for lunch for sure!!!

  7. Cindy Traylor says:

    Actually it was Kathy from Albuquerque who took the video on my camera – I just uploaded it to YouTube. I was setting the ducks, pushing them out with the rake to get them in position to start the run.

    Ellen did a good job handling on this run.