a May 26th, 2013

  1. May 26 – More Photos by Kevin

    May 26, 2013 by myeye

    This morning Intrigue, Copper, Dally, Chase and I saw Augie and Margaret off at the airport.  Then we drove to Kevin and Tricia Dooley’s home to romp in the grass and play with Dad.  It was great fun.  Here is a sample of what Kevin saw through his camera lens.  Next Sunday, Intrigue, Dally and I will take Copper to her new home with Kevin and Tricia.

    Down for the count 5-26-13 blogDad is very cool!

    Race is on blogDad is pretty fast, but we gang up on him!

    Trigue w dad 5-26-13 blogIntrigue can keep up with Dad (when he lies down)

    Special Dog 2 blogWe rest together when we’re tired

    Intrigue Stacked 5-26-13 blogIt wasn’t all fun – Intrigue stacked

    Intrigue Front 5-26-13Intrigue front

    Copper stacked 5-26-13 blogCopper had to stack as well

    Copper Front 5-26-13 blogHere’s Copper’s front

    Dally Coming blogThat Dally can trot fast

    Dally SittingCute face girl