Puppies’ 7 week photos

May 13, 2013

Well, it does get a little easier to take puppy pictures as they get older, more sure-footed, and more comfortable being man (or woman)-handled.  Poor Intrigue always has the toughest row to hoe because I try to photograph them in birth order and she is the very last.  By the time we get to her, she’s been asleep and isn’t so sure she should cooperate.  Many thanks to Kevin and Tricia who opened their home to us while Kevin took 1000 shots of our baybeez.


Cameron Judge Side 5-12-13 blog

Cameron Off Side 5-12-13 blog

Cameron front 5-12-13 blog


Dally Judge Side 5-12-13 blog

Dally Off Side 5-12-13 blog

Dally Front 5-12-13 blog


Faust Judge Side 5-12-13 blog Faust Off Side 5-12-13 blog

Faust front 5-12-13 blog


Gandolph Judge Side 5-12-13 blog

Gandolph Off Side 5-12-13 blog

Gandolph Front 5-12-13 blog


Hillary Judge Side 5-12-13 blog

Hillary off side 5-12-13 blog

Hillary Front 5-12-13 blog


Intrigue judge side 5-12-13 blog

Intrigue off side 5-12-13 blog

Intrigue front 5-12-13 blog


  1. Cheryl says:

    They are adorable and all look absolutely squishable!

  2. Betty says:

    OMD I love them all! I love the one with the red freckles!

  3. Cheryl says:

    Dally looks like she has personality PLUS! It looks like Hillary (who I LOVE) and Intrigue are pretty much the same with a choice of coat color! Gandolf is going to make a very striking working dog and you know I loves me some Faust! Cameron appears to know how to stack already! What a girl!

  4. Terry Sattler says:

    Gorgeous — every single one!!

  5. Laurie Eno / The Daily Corgi says:

    These dogs are heavenly. My mood just went up by 50% looking at their photos!