Puppy Party for People

May 19, 2013

We had so much fun at the Dory/Chase puppy party.

The puppies are out cold, worn to little nubs. Chase, who thinks every party is for him, and Naughty Nola who showed off her puppy bumps, are sleeping it off.

Thank you to all my friends — Cardi and non-Cardi — who joined us: Kathy and Jean Sanchez (S Bar H Dairy Goats) who brought excellent homemade goat cheese spread (and keep my puppies in goat milk), Linda Rogers and Melissa who brought us the energetic Jordan — she kept the puppies moving as only a child can.  Dr. Barb Merickel and Cathy Chapel. set up and went over the baybeez, Sheri Morrow and Gerry O’Brien — Sheri was our scribe.  Sheri will be taking Andy fka Faust home next weekend).  Andy will be Sheri’s first show puppy and will then have a stellar obedience career, Jean Stouffer, who is officially Godmother to all my puppies, Anne Kowalczyk who is now officially G’Ma Anne.  Cameron is on her way to Anne’s house in Chicago to be her Bred-By show puppy.   Margaret Williams will be here next weekend to take Augie (fka Gandolph) to her home in South Dakota where he will learn to track and have his very own ducks for herding.  Frank and Jody Bernhardt will be enjoying Mooney fka Dally, who will be heading to Sacramento, California (and a future agility career) on June 7th.  It looks like Intrigue may be heading to Utah where she will be a show puppy and have an agility career — stay tuned for updates.

I will be sharing Copper (fka Hillary) with Kevin Dooley and his wife Tricia  — she’ll be in Albuquerque.  Kevin will show her in conformation and then she’ll be an agility girl.

The puppies all have splendid homes — I could not be happier.  I know they will bring their owners many years of pleasure.  NOW LISTEN UP: SEND PHOTOS!

The puppycam will remain up and running as Nola’s puppies are due on June 6th.  I am soooo tired, but am, nonetheless, excited about the new baby baddogs.  Nola’s pregnancy is pronounced — with two and a half weeks to go.  Nola will be the first of Chase’s children to have baybeez.  I am looking forward to the second generation.

A momentary break in the happy news — yesterday Shelley Camm helped Chase’s dad, the wonderful Am Ch/Can Ch Merrymoon Firestorm to the Bridge.  Hunter turned 17 on March 21st.  What a wonderful dog he was.  So far three of his children are Register of Merit producers, and numerous others have excelled in the Conformation ring and at Companion and Performance events.  They are at their best loving their families.  I know Shelley will miss her grand old man, but he had a splendid long life, loved for every minute of it.

Here is how the puppies looked (after they had run around in the yard):

Cameron 5-18-13Cameron (Sorry no front photo)

Dally 5-18-13Dally

Dally front 5-18-13Dally Front

Faust 5-18-13Faust

Faust front 5-18-13Faust Front

Gandolph 5-18-13Gandolph

Gandolph Front 5-18-13Gandolph Front

Hillary 5-18-13Hillary (sorry about the hands)

Hillary front 5-18-13Hillary Front

Intrigue 5-18-13Intrigue

Intrigue front 5-18-13Intrigue Front


  1. What a bunch of cuties! All set for grand futures and illustrious careers!

    My congrats to all on Lowri’s group win, too, as I can’t seem to comment on her blog.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Ooooh, look at the length of upper arm on the baby Intrigue! Very pretty puppy! I think Faust looks just like his Papa from the side!

  3. Laurie Eno / The Daily Corgi says:

    Oh lord! I am in puppy love!