The Puppy Life Is the Life For Me

May 28, 2013

On Saturday Faust left with Sheri Morrow.  They drove to Trinidad on Saturday evening and then on to Englewood Sunday morning.  Yesterday Faust, who will henceforth be called Andy (Elyan Bella Andrews Honor Roll), went on his first hike.  His part of the hike didn’t last very long.  Lucky for him that Gerry is a genuine good sport.  He and Sheri hauled the little guy up hill and down dale.  Andy thinks there is nothing to this hiking stuff.  Initial reports are that Andy fit right in with Sheri’s two Cardi girls, and happily greeted all the folks he met on the mountain.  I’m so happy he’s close enough that I will see him at least a few times a year.

Andy in backpack 5-27-13How cute is that face?


  1. Margaret says:

    Oh! Good boy Andy!!!

  2. Cheryl says:

    That’s the way I would prefer to hike!