June, 2013

  1. A Mini-Teeter for a Mini-dog

    June 15, 2013 by myeye

    Kevin and Baby Copper continue to amaze me.  The little red girl is enthusiastic about everything Kevin asks her to do.  He put his teeter to the lowest setting, stretched out a tunnel and — voila — the baby had a new challenge.  This is short, but makes me smile every time I watch it.  The video takes a few seconds to come up (and lasts only a few seconds).

  2. That’s Our Smoochie

    June 12, 2013 by myeye

    In the past few months, Smooch and DeAnn have been on a tear.  In the past 12 months, Smooch has earned her HT BN RA NAP NJP OAP OJP NFP and now her CD.  What a great little Cardigan with a wonderful owner.  We’re very proud of you both!

    SWmooch CD Title Photo blog

  3. Update on the Heathens

    June 11, 2013 by myeye

    Just a quick update before I drive into town for court hearings.  The three Heathens are doing well.  Jessica and Brian are on 24-hour watch and Lexi is feeding and cleaning the babies as if they were her own — such a good girl.  All three have gained some weight and are filling in.  Even Newman, who was a very scrawny puppy has a little meat on those bones.  Jess posts frequent photos on FB and has a puppycam.   Sign in through FaceBook if you want to check them out.

    I am so grateful to Jessica and Brian Viera who are caring for them, Jeri Lami and Karen Lyons — Jeri leased Lexi (big puppies on the puppycam are Lexi’s own 2-week old babies) and Karen owns Lexi and agreed that if Lexi liked the puppies she could mother them.

    Nola is healing from her C-Section.  She doesn’t seem to miss the puppies.  Chase, on the other hand is very concerned that they are gone.  Several times a day he goes into the whelping room and then comes to find me.  He wants to know what happened to the baybeez.  (He doesn’t remember that I passed them over to Lexi at a Conoco station in Wagon Mound New Mexico.)

    The baybeez should be home the weekend after Independence Day (July 7th or so), and my puppycam will be back up, Chase will take over the education of the babies, and our world will be somewhat back to normal.

    Rascal-the-Cat is here.  I’ve not seen him since I put him in the spare rooms/bath, but he used the litter box so I know he’s in there.  Chase is waiting for him to come out to play.  I have a cat tree for him.  When I get home today, I will try  to drag it out of the car and into the house — that’s one heavy piece of furniture.  Rascal is a dark, lanky boy with raccoon rings on his tail — he may just be one of those rare ringtail Cardigans.

  4. A Tough Few Days

    June 9, 2013 by myeye

    There were some bright spots:  Copper went to her new home with Tricia and Kevin.  You’ll love the video they’ve sent.

    Mooney flew home to California with Captain Frank.  She is making every effort to take over their lives.

    Mooney in the pool 6-9-13

    Augie still loves ducks and Andy’s older Cardi sister has decided to play with him after all.

    Intrigue — now Addie — has her very own little girl.  They are inseparable, and dreadfully cute.

    Now the hard part:  Nola had five puppies on Friday morning by C-Section.  She demonstrated she did not want to be a mother which complicates my life and the puppies’ lives.  We lost two little baby boys so we have two girls (Kimber and Lily) and one boy (Newman).  Because Nola was not interested in caring for them, I was tube feeding them every couple of hours until friend Jessica Viera offered the wonderful Lexi to foster mom them.  Lexie is raising four boys that are two weeks old, and had plenty of milk.  Yesterday Jessica and Brian packed up Lexi and her kids.  They drove to Wagon Mound NM to meet me with the three little heathens.  Each puppy was presented to Lexi.  She gave each one a big lick and tucked them in for lunch.  I get tears in my eyes just telling you how grateful I am to Jess and Brian, to Jeri Lamy (who is leasing Lexi), to Karen Lyons who is Lexi’s owner, and mostly to sweet Lexi who has adopted the three little kids.  The baybeez will return to the home of the baddogs the first weekend in July so that Chase may begin tutoring them in the ways of the baddogs.  Jess sent me this photo of Lexi with the little ones in the lunch line.

    Lexi and puppies 6-9-13The heathens are the tiny puppies in left center.  The big puppies are the four two-week old boy puppies from Lexi’s own litter


  5. New Puppies Coming – Old Puppy Going

    June 6, 2013 by myeye

    Nola’s temperature has dropped to 98.5 and she is gleefully nesting in the whelping box.  We’ll be having puppies this evening — no that would be too convenient.  We’ll be having puppies at 3:00 AM.  Please think good thoughts for our happy red girl with her first litter.  I’ll update on Facebook during the night.

    Our Dory/Chase puppy Dally will officially become Mooney tomorrow afternoon.  Her new human dad is flying into the Albuquerque Sunport to rescue her from this madhouse.  I do believe she will be a true sable.  Her widow’s peak is evident.  I love this puppy.  She is happy, athletic, responsive — everything anyone could want in a puppy.  If Frank misses the plane, she may stay here forever:-)

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe smile to die for!