Two Little Girls

June 2, 2013

Only Dally (Mooney) and Copper (Hillary) are left here.  This morning, Copper goes to her new home with Tricia and “Let the Photos Begin” Kevin.  So yesterday evening, I took a couple videos of the girls — one playing together and one of Mooney with Chase.  They make me smile.

Because Nola is in waiting in the whelping room, the little red girls are in an x-pen in the kitchen.  They love being where the action is.  They are right next to the computer desk so we can talk while I am preparing posts and answering email.  I gave them a dog cushion on which to rest their little bodies, but they began de-stuffing it.  They want old Inca to play with them, but her only thought is that they will steal her food.

When you wait two and a half years between litters, you forget how much fun ten week old puppies can be.  I am going to miss these happy faces and wagging tails.  At least I will see Copper often and Frank and Jody have promised Mooney photos.  . . . you all know that’s not quite the same.