a July 17th, 2013

  1. Puppy Photo Shoot July 14th

    July 17, 2013 by myeye

    Unfortunately Sunday afternoon was hot and humid.  The Heathens were Pasta puppies — simply flopping as we tried to set them up.  They were only 5 weeks old and I am certain the next photo shoot will have better results.  To hold you over, here is the group: From the left: Lily, Kimber, and Newman (who has an abundance of hair).  Thank you to Kevin and Tricia Dooley who put up with the gang and, as always, got some great photos.

    Lily-Kimber-Newman 7-14-13 blog

    . . . and here is our pretty Copper who was a bit more cooperative.  We are still working on her ears and, at nearly 4 months old, she is butt high.  I love her dearly.  Her markings are precisely like her half-sister Nola’s, as is her devilish personality.

    Copper Stacker 7-14-13 blog

    From the front

    Copper Front 7-14-13 blog

  2. California Girl

    July 17, 2013 by myeye

    Yesterday afternoon, our Nola flew to San Francisco to meet her new person.  Elfie Payne met her at the airport and took her home.  Nola spread out on the couch and announced it was good.  I will miss her so much.  She was born at my house, raised at my house, loved at my house.  The question I was required to ask is: “WHAT IS BEST FOR NOLA?”  Nola is a happy, social girl.  She is very smart.  I think she deserved her own person. deserved to be the queen, deserved to be challenged — to have a job.  That is what Elfie has promised the pretty red girl.  In the beginning, she will be getting used to Elfie’s routine, her favorite places, the rules of the house.  Shortly she will begin seriously training.  Since Nola needs only a major to finish her Championship, you may see her at an occasional conformation event, but the real emphasis will be on obedience, maybe some agility, maybe some herding.  Nola will love it.  Elfie will find that Nola’s smile is infectious.  I think this change will result in two very happy beings.

    Nola Eating the fence 3-15-2011

    Nola herding2 4-15-12 larger

    I will miss the red girl so much.  My house seems quiet with only Great Gramma Inca and Grampa Chase wandering around.  The Heathens are almost six weeks old and are very cute at this stage.  I’m enjoying their antics — but no Nola is hard.  Love you little girl!  Enjoy your new adventure.