Copper Is Four Months Old

July 27, 2013

Copper (and the rest of the College Kids) turned four months old on July 25th.  They are such an outgoing, active group of puppies.  Last night Copper (via Kevin) send me this short video with a note: “Gramma, I need a new swimming pool.”  If I can get out to the main road, I will go to Walmart to find my red grandchild a baby pool.  Note the ears seem to be up.  We’ve struggled with the little red girl’s big ears.

Shortly after receipt of this video, torrential rains hit in the north valley of Albuquerque, and Copper’s front yard became a swimming pool.

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  1. When I got Buzz he was almost one year old. His ears were iffy, even then. Sometimes he had “bed ear” — when he got up from a nap, one ear might be cattywampus. He loved to play in water, and when his ears were wet, they were just too heavy and were at half mast. They recovered by themselves, when he’d been awake for a while or after he got dry.

    His ears continued to get stiffer and stiffer, and after a while never bent. (After he was 2, maybe? I can’t remember….)

    The most interesting ear thing I have to say is that Wilbur’s ears are getting stiffer and stiffer. I bet that if he had another 5 years, they would be standing straight up.

    I know people cartilage grows during our whole lives (old people really do have bigger ears than they had when they were young). I’m thinking now that it’s the same for dogs. At 14 3/4, Wilbur’s ears are much more upright than they were when he was 10. Who knew.

    Copper definitely needs a bigger pool. 🙂