Heathens 10-Week Photos

August 20, 2013

Yesterday the puppies and I went to Kevin and Tricia’s to memorialize the Heathens’ 10-week birthday (which was actually on Friday).  Kevin did the stacking and I pushed the shutter release.


Kimber 2 8-19-13 371


Kimber Front 8-19-13-302


Lily Side 8-19-13 342

Lily Front 8-19-13 334


Newmie Side 8-19-13 353

Newmie Front 8-19-13


  1. Margaret Williams says:

    Beautiful puppies! If you could “bottle” Mr. Fluff’s cuteness then you would be a millionaire!

  2. Cheryl says:

    I’m liking Story! (Yes, Newmie is unbelieveably ADORABLE!) Penni, you have to start leash training Story as her first match will be on September 14th!

  3. DeAnn says:

    They are adorable! Congrats on a nice litter. Rough start but a happy ending. Lily reminds me of Holmes, must be the freckles. LOL

  4. Errol says:

    The pups are really looking good. Newmie is the heart stealer of course!