a September 13th, 2013

  1. Chase’s Agility Runs from Sept 6-8

    September 13, 2013 by myeye

    Doranna Durgin ran Chase for me in Novice Preferred Jumpers and in Open Preferred Standard at the SWAT Agility trials last weekend.  Her husband Tom took video.  So, for your viewing pleasure, here are Chase runs to complete his Novice Jumpers title and to get the lay of the land in Open Standard.  We were very bummed about the dogwalk in Open Standard.  Chase — who is very green — actually bailed off (for the first time EVER), other dogs flattened out, did a stutter step, stopped for a moment.  But for the dogwalk issue that would have been a clean run, nearly 30 seconds under the Standard Course Time.  The dog loves this game.  Thank you Doranna for making him look so good and thank you Tom for the video.  There may be some Excellent Beagle runs at the end of this video.

  2. A Pupdate – Singing In The Rain

    September 13, 2013 by myeye

    We have had more rain than we’re used to having.  The weeds are cheering loudly.  The dogs love it (probably because they’re not used to it).  Story (Kimber) is in Knoxville with Cheryl Kienast and photos/videos are springing up on her FaceBook page and on her blog.  Story’s registered name is “Elyan Storybook At Bluefox”.  Lily will be going to Elko Nevada on October 4th to live with Jennifer Roundtree.  Jennnifer and Mark own the puppies’ Grandma Leidy (Nola’s Mom).  Newmie — well that’s a little bump in the road.  He was going to live in California, but his “to be” owner discovered she has a zoning issue re: number of dogs.  Since her mother with be living with them, and has three dogs, with the two the family already has, Newmie would be too many.  I’m happy we discovered the problem now rather than after he made the trip.

    Here are some morning photos of Lily, Newmie, Grampa Chase and Aunt Riley.

    Riley - puppies in rainChase and the Baybeez getting muddy, but having a blast

    Chase-Heathens in RainAunt Riley and the Heathens

    Puppies corner RileyRiley has an antler — she is cornered