The Heathens (and Family) At 14 Weeks

September 15, 2013

My yard is all mud — the better to play say Lily and Newman (and Grampa Chase and Aunt Riley).  Next Saturday Newmie will go to live with Linda, Melissa, and his very own little girl Jordan.  Lily will be flying to Nevada (via Salt Lake City) on October 4th to be with Jennifer and Mark Roundtree.  This will be the first time without puppies since late March.  The floors will be cleaner, I’ll probably get more sleep — but where’s the fun in that.  So, here are a bunch of photos from this morning’s romp in the yard.

Chase smiles 9-15-13 blogDirty Grampa Chase

Grampa Chase and the Heathens 9-15-13 blogThe Heathens and Grampa

Riley in the pool 9-15-13 blogAunt Riley

In the jungle 9-15-13 blogIn the jungle . . .

Mud wars 9-15-13 blogMud Wars

Go Lily 9-15-13 blogGo, Lily!

Lily 9-15-13 blogOur Little Lily-pad

Newmie Reclining 9-15-13 blogYou can be king even if you are very muddy

Newmie head 9-15-13 blogNewmie on candid camera


  1. Terry says:

    They are all so cute, and I can imagine how much you will miss those pups. Gotta love that Newmie. Being new to the fluffy biz, I just find that little kink they get in their wet fur to be the sweetest.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Those are some great photos! What adorable puppies! (I love the one “singing” In the jungle, the mighty jungle!”