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  1. Chase – Six Years Old

    October 17, 2013 by myeye

    October 17th

    It’s Chase’s sixth birthday.  This is a perfect day to recognize the most special thing about this dog. Chase’s life work is making people love Cardigans. He has always been a companion. We have gone to public meetings and events, we have sat on street planters to watch parades, we have visited schools and nursing centers. Chase spends most week days at the office. At every one of these locations, this dog has charmed people, made them smile, made children laugh, given comfort, put people at ease. Chase is an ambassador for our breed. Although we compete in many venues and although Chase has been very successful as a sire, it is his love of people that has made him part of my heart. I love you Chaseman, love you dearly. Have a wonderful birthday. Then we’ll have another very good year together.

    Happy birthday to the rest of the Freedom litter — to Ace, Bogie, Clem, Eagle, Feather, Golda, Heather, and Jigger (Chase was Ikey).  Although those are no longer the dogs’ names, those names live in my heart because for weeks I stalked Tom and Carolyn Cannon’s blog/web site wondering which of the baybeez would be mine.  It turned out to be our Chaseman — GCh/Can Ch C-Myste Baledwr Pursuit of Happiness CD RN HSAds HIAs HXAs NAP NJP VCX ROMs TT.  I cannot tell you how fortunate I feel — and grateful that he came home with me.

    Smiling blogChase and Jennifer Necker at the Valencia Valley Kennel Club last Sunday.  Aren’t they a cute couple?

    Thank you Dan Pearson for the great photo!

    . . . and just for fun, I applied a filter.  It’s called diffuse glow.  This may be how Chase sees himself:

    Smiling blog - Diffuse Glow