November, 2013

  1. Salsa – Eleven Weeks Old

    November 30, 2013 by myeye

    A sunny day, a camera, playful Cardis — the end result is very cute photos.  Here is Salsa out in the big dog yard.  Even with Riley photo-bombing we got some keeper pictures.  We’ll start with a pretty Riley head.

    Riley 11-30-13 blogPretty Riley (Chase x Ditto)

    Grampa - May I Have IT 11-30-13 blogMay I Have That Grampa?

    Here Comes Salsa 11-30-13 blogDid you call me?

    Salsa - what 11-30-13 blogPeeking

    Salsa coming 11-30-13 blogSooo Cuuute!

    Standing 3-4 face 11-30-13 blogReady for Action

  2. This Girl Knows How To Relax

    November 28, 2013 by myeye

    Elfie shared some Nola-At-Home photos.  Funny Nola — she knows the upward dog position.  Doesn’t she look comfy?

    Nola Bedtime 10-2013

    Nola - Assume The Position 10-2013

  3. Naughty Nola and Her BFF Elfie

    November 25, 2013 by myeye

    Huge thanks to Kathy Miller who competed (fabulously) this weekend with her Quimby at a trial in California.  What to her wondering eyes should appear but our little red girl and her person Elfie.  Kathy (with Elfie’s permission) took some photos to send me.  I think this one says everything — and makes me certain that Nola is in a great place.

    Nola-1 11-24-13 with Elfie

    Nola’s trial career is scheduled to begin in February.  I look forward to great reports and more wonderful photos.


  4. Passport Photos Are Ugly

    November 24, 2013 by myeye

    Little pink collar girl (“Mea”)headed to California yesterday.   She had her health check-up and earned her hall pass.  I made up her flyer for the top of her crate.  I took the photo while she sat on my lap — it’s not very flattering, but that’s the way these passport photos come out.  You’ll be seeing cuter photos before many days have passed.

    Mea 11-22-13

    I also took Ms. Copper to the vet and weighed her in.  On the Elyan Weight Loss Program she has dropped from 31.5 pounds to 27.1 pounds since October 26th.  Whoo hoo!  If we can keep the weight off, she will be so much happier and healthier — well maybe not happier because this dog LOVES to eat!

  5. Moonset November 17th

    November 17, 2013 by myeye

    When the baddogs sense any light in the morning, their innate belief system takes hold.  It is time for breakfast!  NOW!  This morning they had to wait just a couple of minutes while I grabbed the camera.

    Moonset blog 11-17-13It’s almost full — this is a shot to the west from my back door.