a December 22nd, 2013

  1. Fast Track On a Sunny Day

    December 22, 2013 by myeye

    It’s winter.  That became official yesterday.  Today New Mexico thumbed its nose at the season — wonderful sun, blue skies, sweatshirt weather.  Chase and his little granddaughters made good use of the back yard.  Enjoy!

    Can we run some more 12-22-13 Catching Grampa Chase 12-22-13 Chase luring puppies 12-222-13 Cmon puppies 12-22-13Flutter - intent on catching Grampa 12-22-13 Flutter Bringing Up the Rear 12-22-13 Quick turn 12-22-13 We are speedy 12-22-13 What is it Grampa 12-22-13

    We hope you had fun at your house as well!

    By the way, Rascal the Cat did the tunnel and the teeter, but I didn’t grab the camera in time.  He is heavy enough to tip the teeter.  Whoo hoo — Agility Cat!

  2. This Dog Just Wants To Have Fun

    December 22, 2013 by myeye

    Here are photos of the Sangre de Cristo Kennel Club Agility Trial on December 7th.  Chase and his friend Doranna Durgin  finished his Open Jumpers Title that day.  Evelyn Vinogradov was there with her camera.  Here are some of her splendid shots.

    FlyingGather Finish lineClean jump