It Was Fun

February 11, 2014

Yesterday I received the photos from the SWAT Agility Trial in late January.  Evelyn Vinogradov (ByVineDesign) is the genius behind the lens.  If anyone had any doubt about how much fun Chase has when he’s running, this will put your mind at ease.  Look at that grin.

Over from behind Crazy Agility Eyes hi-res

Downhill from here

Fly like an eagle

Go Dee and Chase

Head first jump

How fast is fast

On the Boardwalk

Over from behind

Chase has trials coming up in March, and two in April.  Whoo hoo!  This is fun!


  1. Susan says:

    Oh boy, is he ever having fun! And NO ONE keeps telling him to STOP (VBG)

  2. Terry says:

    Yep — those photos have F-U-N written all over them.