March, 2014

  1. Ramping Up For Competition

    March 31, 2014 by myeye

    Trials coming: 

    April 4-6 is an Agility Trial — not just any trial — it’s a half hour from my house.  Few activities are that close so it’s pretty exciting.  Chase is fit and happy.  I hope he runs like the wind AND clean.  Perhaps we will finish his Excellent Jumpers Title, perhaps he will get a Excellent Standard leg — or even two or three.

    On the following Wednesday, he will take his little overnight bag and go to California with Ellen for the Corgis-only Herding Trial.  We had good practices both yesterday and Saturday.  Chase knows what he needs to know.  Now, will he use that knowledge for good — or for evil?

    The following Wednesday Chase will again leave with Ellen, heading to Missouri for the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America National Specialty Show.  The Herding Trials are on the 19th and 20th.  Copper, Flutter and Salsa will leave for Missouri on Thursday.  All four dogs are entered in conformation events.  Chase is entered on sheep and duck herding as well as in Agility.  Copper is our surprise entry in the Herding Test.  Two weeks ago, I asked Ellen if she would look at Copper as a potential entry.  I took her up to Robert’s place in Edgewood on Sunday and she was splendid.  She showed great instinct, but more than that, she took direction.  Her second and third practices were this past weekend.  This little red girl is a great combination of her dad (Chase) and her mom (Dory).  Dory comes from a line of serious herding dogs.  Little Copper plans to be a serious herding dog!

     We will rock you 3-29-14

    Copper moving her sheep1 3-29-14

    Copper moving her sheep1 3-29-14

  2. Spring Agility (Video Added)

    March 17, 2014 by myeye

    Friday it was cold, but not much wind, Saturday there was pea soup fog and then the bitter wind blew, Sunday was sunny and warm.  That is how the weather looks for an early spring agility trial weekend.  Chase’s runs were in tune with the weather –cold, really off, and nice scattered across the three days.  He did manage an Excellent Jumpers Qualifying run on Sunday which gives him 2 Excellent JWW legs.  He had a splendid Standard run on Saturday, but knocked the bar on a double jump.  Then there was the Start jump to an off-course, being carried off the jumpers course when he took a stand in the middle of the weaves to bark at Doranna, and a drive-by on the teeter.  It’s as if I brought three different dogs with me.  He is exhibiting better skills — and he loves tricky courses.  Evelyn Vinogradov was photographing at the trial and I hope caught some great Chase moments.  If she did, they will be posted.  There are videos which you may want to watch through a buttonhole because Chase was so bad some of the time.

    The highlight of Chase’s weekend was meeting a lovely couple from Santa Fe that is looking for a Cardigan.  On Saturday Richard met us at the trial and Chase did his over-the-top meet and greet.  Sunday morning Richard called and asked if he and his wife could come visit again.  That is always fine with us.  Chase loved Cheryl.  He cleaned her face and leaned up against her.  Richard took photos.

    Cheryl Hoagland and Chase 3-16-14

    Now, to find them a nice Cardi!

  3. Very Nice Nola and Elfie

    March 7, 2014 by myeye

    Elfie and Nola have meshed as an obedience team.  Nola completed her Beginner Novice title on February first with a 4th place and two 2nd place awards in tough company.  Elfie and the Red Menace are having a great time.  I am very proud of them!

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