Seven Months Old

May 18, 2014

Today the Lowri/Dickens kids are 7 months old.  Yesterday Gimme finished her Championship with a Best Puppy/Puppy Group III and a Best of Breed over two other Champions.  Litter brother Kevin earned his first major.  What a ride we’ve taken with this litter!  Their mom, Lowri, was Select yesterday behind the fabulous Coco Posh.

Yesterday Storybook (you may remember her as “Kimber” from the Nola/Heath litter) earned her second major.  She is well on her way to her Championship.

I took Salsa to Kevin and Tricia’s home so she could have a sleep-over with Copper.  Kevin ran out and brought back a kiddie wading pool so the girls could enjoy the beginning of summer weather.  The two of them are very cute together.

Chase, Old Inca and I are home alone.  Toenails, then combing Inca out since she is trying to shed every hair on her very hairy body.  I am going to re-set our little agility field which was blown around by the 60 mph gusts we suffered during the week.  The weave poles have been re-worked to correct the interval between poles, I scored a tire jump.  Chase will be so happy!



  1. Margaret says:

    What a weekend indeed! Congratulations to all!

  2. DeAnn says:

    Wow, what a wonderful weekend. Congratulations!