Healthy, We Are Healthy (Edited)

August 28, 2014

We’ve run a battery of health tests on Daisy.  Some of the other dogs have been in the way and been tested as well — so, here’s the skinny:

Daisy:  Hips – PennHip 70th percentile, Elbows – OFA normal, Eyes – PRA tested clear, CERF (now CAER) normal, DM – normal by parentage, Cosmetics – Fluff Free, Ee (carries pink).  Daisy will soon be bred to Chase.  There will be red and brindle puppies.

Chase’s health profile: Hips – OFA Good, Elbows – Normal, Eyes – PRA tested clear, CAER normal, Patella – normal, heart – normal, thyroid – normal, DM – normal, Cosmetic: pink free (EE), but carries fluff.

Copper had a recent dental emergency.  While she was asleep, we PennHipped her.  Her hip results were “above 90th percentile” — fabulous result!  Copper is DM and PRA clear by parentage, she is fluff free and does not carry pink.  When she is 2, we will x-ray her elbows, but I would say she is one healthy girl — now husband-hunting for our little red girl (who also carries for black).

It is just so nice to receive results like those above.  It makes me confident that any litters we breed here will be healthy and sound.  I’ve added the PennHip report for Copper.  I think it is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Copper PennHip 2014