December, 2014

  1. Puppy Breath and Buddah Tummies

    December 30, 2014 by myeye

    The baybeez are 13 days old today.  They are chubby little angels — lucky to have their Daisy mom who keeps them clean and (very) well fed.  We should have eyes by this evening — or tomorrow at the latest.  I am loving puppy breath and nuzzling.  The next step will be an introduction to Daddy Chase and, in a few days, the first chance to eat ground raw turkey and goatmilk — Yum!

    Puppy Pile 12-30-14 blogFrom the bottom of the photo:  Terra, Rory, Ultra, Quinn (underneath), and Sabin

    Buddah Belly 12-30-14 blogQuinn’s excellent Buddah-Belly


  2. Makes Me Smile

    December 26, 2014 by myeye

    I haven’t posted any agility photos for a while because we stopped running agility to focus on herding.  No excuse for no herding photos — sorry.  Anyway, here is a Chase photo that makes me smile.  I hope it makes you smile as well.

    Chase crazy ears blog

  3. Six Days Old

    December 23, 2014 by myeye

    The fabulous five are six days old today.  All are gaining well and Daisy is being a wonderful mother.

    Quinn-Terra 12-23-14 blogTerra (l) and Quinn.  Terra is a female and Quinn is a male.  They are the bruisers in the litter.

    Sabin-Ultra-Rory 12-23-14 blogFrom the front: Sabin (male), Ultra (female) and Rory (male)

  4. Puppy Report

    December 20, 2014 by myeye

    We ended up with just five of the ten puppies.  Four were dead on arrival and the very small puppy with the splashes of white died Thursday morning despite supplementation.  So — three boys and two girls.  Interestingly there is only one red.  Since Chase throws reds and Daisy is a red, I expected a majority.  Not so.  I will work on getting some photos this afternoon or tomorrow.

    I am also working on the puppy cam.  It wants me to update my Java, but my security settings (somewhere) will not allow it.  Who IS in charge here?

  5. Baybeez! Daisy/Chase Baybeez

    December 18, 2014 by myeye

    Daisy began whelping puppies at 12:45 yesterday afternoon.  Three boys were born in the first 25 minutes.  Daisy is the most laid back mama dog EVER.  She just plopped the puppies out and began caring for them.  There were two brindle boys and a hefty red boy.  Then we went into what is often called a whelping pause.  Daisy was in no distress — just continued to take care of her three children.  After five hours, she delivered a puppy that had clearly been dead for some time and was beginning to decompose.  Almost immediately she delivered another boy — HEY DAISY, I SAID I WANTED GIRLS!  He was alive and well.  Then she delivered another boy who was out of the sac and dead.  Then a girl — a pretty brindle.  Another girl followed, she is a half-mask mismark, but full of spunk.  Another girl was dead on arrival.  Because of the puppy count on the xray, we thought Daisy was done, so I administered an oxytocin shot.  That resulted in delivery of a tenth puppy.  It was a boy and, sadly, he was dead and could not be revived.

    So — we have four boys and two girls.  One of the boys is a piebald (has white splashes on his body) — his baby name is “Picasso.”  The second boy is red (and very hefty).  His name is “Quinn.”  The third boy is a handsome brindle named “Rory.”  The fourth also a handsome brindle is “Sabin”.  The brindle girl is “Terra,” and the mismark girl is “Ultra.” 

    The puppycam would be up except that something in my security settings is preventing me from running Java.  I will figure that out today.  So beginning tomorrow, you will be able to watch the baybeez and Daisy.  If you would like access to the puppy cam, please use the contact at the top of the page, email me, or private message me on FaceBook.  Please, if you use the puppycam, log out after a few minutes of watching — DO NOT minimize and leave it running.  The cam uses a lot of bandwidth and I hope to avoid an argument with Comcast over my bandwidth use.

    The theme for this litter is the Carpenters’ song “We’ve Only Just Begun.”