Daisy — She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

December 13, 2014

Our Daisy/Chase puppies are due Wednesday (Dec. 17th).  Today was xray day.  I have strengthened the contrast on this tummy xray so you can count along with us.  The pedigree is here.  Once the puppies are born, I will turn on the puppy cam.  If you wish to stalk my puppies, let me know and I will share the username and password.  PLEASE do not minimize the puppy cam (leaving it running).  It uses a tremendous amount of band width — so please watch for only a few minutes and then log out.  If you see the babies or Daisy doing something that concerns you, please phone or text me so I can run home to take care of the issue.  . . . one puppy . . . two puppies . . . three puppies . . .

12765-Frame1 Puppies - up contrast