Puppy Report

December 20, 2014

We ended up with just five of the ten puppies.  Four were dead on arrival and the very small puppy with the splashes of white died Thursday morning despite supplementation.  So — three boys and two girls.  Interestingly there is only one red.  Since Chase throws reds and Daisy is a red, I expected a majority.  Not so.  I will work on getting some photos this afternoon or tomorrow.

I am also working on the puppy cam.  It wants me to update my Java, but my security settings (somewhere) will not allow it.  Who IS in charge here?


  1. I’m sorry for the losses, and I send good wishes that the rest thrive!

    So hopeful — tiny new lives at this dark time of year!

  2. Margaret says:

    Is Puppycam up yet? Or, is the computer still fighting you for control? 😉 May I have a password when it is up? 🙂