a January 21st, 2015

  1. It’s A Tiny Miracle – Kip

    January 21, 2015 by myeye

    Last summer, Kip the Cardigan disappeared from the yard of his owners’ home in Pecos NM.  Because the property is gated — no road nearby, and because Kip has suffered IVDD and was not as fast as a Cardigan can be, we surmised he had been snatched by a lynx (seen prowling the area).  His heartbroken people walked miles looking and calling, but never found him.

    Today the Santa Fe Animal Control people called his owners because they had Kip, had scanned his microchip, and determined his owners’ phone number.  The owners are driving to Santa Fe tomorrow to claim him.  I don’t know any details — his condition — I don’t know.  What I do know is WE MUST ALL MICROCHIP OUR PUPPIES.  Kip is coming home because he was microchipped.  Six months — and Kip is coming home!

  2. 5 Weeks Old

    January 21, 2015 by myeye

    The Daisy/Chase baybeez are five weeks old today.  They are a rambunctious group.  That is my excuse for having only one clear photo and one “slightly” blurry photo to share with you this morning.  All the other shots are blurs.  So, here are the adorable Quinn and happy Sabin.  Daisy continues to be a great mother.  She has begun playing with the little devils.

    Quinn 1-21-15The Mighty Quinn

    Sabin 1-21-15Sabin (practicing for Tongue Out Tuesday)