a January 27th, 2015

  1. Chase Daisy Babies at 5-1/2 Weeks Old

    January 27, 2015 by myeye

    We are into the really, really cute age.  I could happily sit and play with these puppies all day long.  On Sunday, Julie Murphy, Pam Day, Kathy Sanchez and Kathy’s mom Olive came out to the house for our weekly photo shoot.  I used the stacking box which the puppies found very annoying.  Pam Day took all of these photos.  The puppies will be more comfortable this week.  Chase and Daisy gave their kids nice, fat faces and pretty color.


    He is simply the cutest, pudgiest guy.  He’s the best cuddler of the group — well, maybe . . .

    Quinn - Pam1

    Quinn off sied Pam

    Quinn Front - Pam


    This is the first puppy to the side of the box when I come into the puppy room.  He loves to carry the stuffed toys.

    Rory Judge Side - Pam

    Rory Offside - Pam

    Rory Front - Pam


    Sabin has really interesting markings.  He is also the wildman of the group — over, under and through the puppy pen obstacles (and his brothers and sisters).

    Sabin - Judge Side - Pam

    Sabin OffSide - Pam

    Sabin - Front - Pam


    She is all girl — happy, happy, happy!

    Terra Judge Side - Pam

    Terra Off Side - Pam

    Terra Front - Pam


    What can I say — she is adorable.  This is a pocket Cardi.  She is happiest if you will cuddle with her.  She continues to grow the dark splash beside her eye and is now developing black eye liner.

    Ultra Judge Side - Pam

    Ultra Off Side - Pam

    Ultra Front - Pam