Four Weeks

January 15, 2015

The Chase/Daisy puppies turned four weeks old yesterday.  I caught a couple of photos this morning.  There are only two choices when taking photos of the baybeez:  crisp, clear shots = they are asleep, if you want to see their eyes, they will be moving and the photos will be a little blurry.  Here are a couple of shots from this morning.

Quinn 1-15-15The Mighty Quinn

Ultra-Sabin-Quinn 1-15-15Right to left – Ultra, Sabin, Quinn

The puppies are happily eating goatmilk and ground raw turkey from a bowl twice a day.  Daisy keeps them clean and feeds them as well.  The baybeez love company and greet me with wagging tails.  They are in the waddling stage.  I look forward to seeing them trot.  They are using the potty box most of the time.  I CANNOT wait until it is ALL THE TIME.

The puppycam is up.  Click on “Puppycam” at the top of the page, the username is elyan and the password is puppies.  The page will time out after three minutes to protect me from the wrath of Comcast for using too much band width.  Enjoy!