February, 2015

  1. Chase and Tuli – Wrestling

    February 11, 2015 by myeye

    Tuli trots around with Chase in the evenings.  They enjoy each others’ company so much.  Last night they started a wrestling match — AND I could reach my good camera.  Tuli will be 12 weeks old tomorrow — cute little freckled-face girl!

    Dancing Cheek to Cheek 2-10-15Sure looks serious!

    Tuli Has Him 2-10-15Now Tuli has him

    Tussle 2-10-15It certainly looks vicious

  2. Herding — on a gorgeous day

    February 9, 2015 by myeye

    February 8th and it was a “Spring Day.”  We all expect winter to return — to finish out its time, but for these few days, it was beautiful outside.  Chase and I went up to Algodones (north of Albuquerque, right next to Indian land).  We met friends at Dr. Barb’s home and the herding dogs took herding lessons.  Chase worked well.  I’m sure he appreciated the grassy fields and the mild weather.  As always, thanks to Ellen Gerwin for piloting our boy.  There were also goats to herd.  They were generally uncooperative and Chase had to school them — he LOVES that!

    Away out 2-8-15Away, Out!

    Chase - 3 ducks 2-8-15We started out with five ducks, but had a pair that needed to be collected regularly

    Chase still 5 ducks 2-8-15There they are.  Together again!

    Walk up 2-8-15Okay, Chase.  Walk up.

  3. Chase/Daisy Puppies 7-1/2 Weeks Old

    February 7, 2015 by myeye

    The puppies were too hungry.  We wanted them to be really interested in little bits of deli meat so they would stack and reach for the food.  I waited just a little too far past lunch time.  Many thanks to Kathy and Jean who once again came up to the house to help photograph the baybeez.  I hope Kathy’s fingers heal by next weekend.  Jean was the camera woman — great job!

    I am very happy with these sweet puppies.  Today was a romp outside (65 degrees) so their whites could definitely be whiter.  BUT they are little kids so get to play outside when it’s nice.


    Quinn Judge Side 2-7-15

    Quinn-Front  2-7-15

    Quinn Off Side 2-7-15


    Rory Judge Side 2-7-15

    Rory Front 2-7-15

    Rory Off Side 2-7-15

    Sabin (now Sherlock)

    Sabin Judge Side 2-7-15

    Sabin Front 2-7-15

    Sabin Off Side 2-7-15

    Terra (now Lacey)

    Terra Judge Side 2-7-15

    Terra Front 2-7-15

    Terra Off Side 2-7-15


    Ultra Judge Side 2-7-15

    Ultra Front 2-7-15

    Ultra Off Side 2-7-15

  4. Decisions . . . decisions

    February 2, 2015 by myeye

    I have made two decisions about the puppies.  I am going to keep Terra (sharing her with my friend Pam Day).  Her name will be Elyan White Lace and Promises.  We will call her Lacey.  Sabin will be living in Mesilla Park, New Mexico.  He will learn to be a tracking dog — don’t know yet with what name he will be blessed.  The rest of the crew will require some more thought . . .

  5. Tuli and the Chase/Daisy Baybees

    February 1, 2015 by myeye

    Tuli landed at the airport last night.  She is 10-1/2 weeks old.  She is a delightful spirit that I am so happy to own.  Tuli is a Lowri/Kevin daughter which makes her a Chase granddaughter/great granddaughter.Tuli Judge Side 1This was the only shot we took of her — it gives you the idea of how she is built

    The Chase/Daisy Baybeez are 6-1/2 weeks old.  This week they were a little more comfortable being manhandled.  Many thanks to Kathy Sanchez whose fingers are a puppy delicacy and to Jean Sanchez who had her first try at using the SLR camera.  I think we’ll use a tripod next weekend.


    Quinn Judge Side3 2-1-15Judge Side

    Quinn Front 2-1-15Front

    Quinn Off Side1 2-1-15Off Side


    Rory Judge Side 2-1-15Judge Side

    Rory Front 2-1-15Front

    Rory Off Side 2-1-15Off Side


    Sabin Judge Side 2-1-15Judge Side

    Sabin Front 2-1-15Front

    Sabin Off Side 2-1-15Off Side


    Terra Judge Side 2-1-15Judge Side

    Terra Front 2-1-15Front

    Terra Off Side 2-1-15Off Side


    Ultra Judge Side 2-1-15Judge Side

    Ultra Front 2-1-15Front

    Ultra Off Side 2-1-15Off Side