Tuli and the Chase/Daisy Baybees

February 1, 2015

Tuli landed at the airport last night.  She is 10-1/2 weeks old.  She is a delightful spirit that I am so happy to own.  Tuli is a Lowri/Kevin daughter which makes her a Chase granddaughter/great granddaughter.Tuli Judge Side 1This was the only shot we took of her — it gives you the idea of how she is built

The Chase/Daisy Baybeez are 6-1/2 weeks old.  This week they were a little more comfortable being manhandled.  Many thanks to Kathy Sanchez whose fingers are a puppy delicacy and to Jean Sanchez who had her first try at using the SLR camera.  I think we’ll use a tripod next weekend.


Quinn Judge Side3 2-1-15Judge Side

Quinn Front 2-1-15Front

Quinn Off Side1 2-1-15Off Side


Rory Judge Side 2-1-15Judge Side

Rory Front 2-1-15Front

Rory Off Side 2-1-15Off Side


Sabin Judge Side 2-1-15Judge Side

Sabin Front 2-1-15Front

Sabin Off Side 2-1-15Off Side


Terra Judge Side 2-1-15Judge Side

Terra Front 2-1-15Front

Terra Off Side 2-1-15Off Side


Ultra Judge Side 2-1-15Judge Side

Ultra Front 2-1-15Front

Ultra Off Side 2-1-15Off Side



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  1. Cheryl Kienast says:

    i just love Terra! What a beautiful puppy!