Herding in Southern California

April 13, 2015

Chase hitched a ride to California with Ellen Gerwin.  The PWCCSC All-Corgi Trials were held at Judy Vanderford’s farm on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday, Chase was 2nd in Advanced Sheep with a score of 91.  He earned 1 Herding Championship point for that.

Yesterday, Chase brought his A game and earned a 96 (out of 100 possible points) for a 1st place in the class AND High in Trial (sheep).  That was worth 2 more Championship points and completed the requirement of two Advanced Class wins — he already had his Major win.  Chase is now more than half way to his Herding (and Dual) Championship.  This was his second High in Trial — the first was on geese.

You want to know about ducks?  Why would you ask?  Chase thinks ducks are stoopid.  He had arguments with Ellen both days during his Advanced Duck runs.  When he does that, she thanks the judge and removes Chase from the arena.  BADDOG!

I cannot thank Ellen enough for all the time and thought she puts into training and trialing Chase.  She has taught him to problem solve and because of that, he has become a very good sheep herder.  . . . and the ducks?  I just shrug.

High in Trial 4-12-15Judge Molly Wisecarver, our Chaseman, and Ellen — all smiling for the camera

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  1. Kathy Metcalfe says:

    Way cool Papa Chase