Udi Playing With the Sheep

May 15, 2015

Udi is Chase’s son from his third litter, born in October 2010.  He is brother to the fabulous working girls Smooch and Nola.  Four or five months ago, Udi went to bootcamp with my friends DeAnn and Rich Nelson.  Once he had learned some manners, Udi came to New Mexico to live in Santa Fe with friends Cheryl and Richard Hoagland.  It was there that Udi saw his first sheep and announced that he was a herding dog — just like his daddy.  Richard takes Udi herding every other week and Udi is turning into an accomplished stock dog.  Here are photos from yesterday.

Moving the sheep 5-14-15Udi Moving his Sheep

Udi-Roxy STOP 5-14-15Udi and Roxy:  STOP

Roxy is just over a year old.  She is not a crazed herding dog, but will go out with Udi.  The two red Cardis make a cute pair.


  1. DeAnn says:

    Boy, do I miss that dog. He really made an impact on Rich and I. I’m so happy he found Richard and Cheryl!

    • Sondra Grumbein says:

      Me, too, DeAnn!! So glad you & Rich were able to connect him with them!!