Puppy’s First Show

June 2, 2015

Last weekend our friend Kim Raleigh took Tuli and Salsa to Longmont, Colorado.  It was little Tuli’s first show — she turned 6 months old on May 20th.  The girls had an excellent time with Kim.  For her de-butt, Tuli was Winners Bitch for her first 2 championship points.  Tuli is one of the kids from the Elyan Bluefox N-Song litter (she is “Nothing But Flowers”).  Susan Long, Cheryl Kienast and I bred beautiful Lowri to her son Kevin.  There were 9 scrumptious puppies.  So far, four of them have been shown and each of the four won points on his/her first day out.  We are very proud of Romeo, Sara, Trewe, and, of course, our Tuli.  We had a photo taken to commemorate Tuli’s first points.  I’ll post it when it arrives.  We’re still waiting for the photo of Salsa’s major win in Albuquerque.  Next show may be Flagstaff.

Chase and Ellen herded sheep up in Edgewood this weekend.  Chase is doing so well — tweaking the little things now.  His next herding trial will probably be in early August.

Inca celebrated her 13th birthday.  She is hale and hearty though occasionally has the “old dog vagues.”  This time, it was her solid opinion that the dog door was not working so she had to pee in the kitchen.  As soon as the little girls got home and raced out the dog door, Inca decided it was working again — funny old lady.

The office air-conditioning is not working and, of course, we are hitting 90 degrees each afternoon.  Very miserable inside.


  1. Robin says:

    As always, Penny, I do love your blog. I had to chuckle affectionately about the “old dog vagues.” My first and only Cardi, Mr. Spock, is now 12 1/2. I’m beginning to see him exhibit a few Vagues ~ those little bits of senior odd behaviors. I’d love to hear more about Inca as she ages…I don’t know what to expect with Spock as he moved into his twilight years ~ he seems healthy in every other way, thank goodness.

  2. Robin says:

    Penni! Penni! I apologize for misspelling your name!

  3. Margaret says:

    Hip! Hip! Hooray for Tuli! Good girl!

  4. Laura says:

    Congratulations on the results of this show! I look forward to seeing the picture.

    Happy birthday to Inca! My old man Sam is 12. I feel honored that he has made it to this age. He is starting to become hard of hearing so I attribute some of his vague moments to not getting the message I am sending. I’ve tried to reintroduce some of the hand signals we learned a long, long time ago in obedience. It seems to be working a bit.

    I’ve found that the most difficult part of Sammy getting old is accepting that he isn’t a young guy any more and realizing that a soft bed and plenty of scratches and attention is probably as good for him now as our long walks and endless games of fetch were in the past.