Gang Aft A’glay

November 28, 2015

Wednesday morning I took Ms. Copper in to Los Lunas Animal Clinic for an ultrasound — to see if she was indeed pregnant.  Unfortunately, it appears she is not.  I am very bummed — and I know there are others who were waiting for puppies — who are probably pretty sad as well.  So, back to the drawing board.  When you do not use the “turn the dog loose in the neighborhood and see who gets her” method of impregnating, the planning, timing, and execution are painful and must be precise.  We had a couple of hitches in the road which caused us to use frozen semen.  The conception rate with frozen is significantly lower than it is with chilled extended or live.  I would never plan on using frozen with a maiden, but circumstances overrode my preferences.  Let’s see how things go with Copper.  I hope to do a spring breeding.  I hope it is more successful.

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  1. Janet says:

    Oh, that is sad Penni. I’m sorry. We Cardigan lovers are grateful to you breeders who are so thoughtful in your breeding practices. That is one reason I was attracted to Cardigans in the first place. I hope next spring brings a joyful outcome.