The Clutter – 3-1/2 Weeks Old

May 27, 2017

It’s certainly taken me long enough!  And I am still working on the puppy cam.  It’s up and working, but I must contact potential viewers individually and let them know how to access the camera.  We can no longer go through this blog to watch the puppies.  The good news is that the new camera has excellent definition.

So, here is The Clutter Litter at 3-1/2 weeks.  These are only head shots because I was holding them and taking the photos.  We should get some stacked photos this weekend as well.  The puppies are on their third set of collars — they’ve outgrown the first two.  Everyone (except Itty) is hovering at 2 pounds; she is just over 1 pound.  We have barking and puppy wrestling.  They are happily eating two meals a day of goat milk and yoghurt and ground raw turkey.  Mom Flutter takes care of the rest of the meals.  Flutter is in great shape, keeps the Clutter clean.  I get nothing done here because they need me to stare at them and hold them and play with them.  I truly love puppies!

The theme for this litter is Joni Mitchell songs — I am a 60’s woman!

Black Collar BoyBlack Collar Boy

Green Collar BoyGreen Collar Boy

Blue Collar GirlBlue Collar Girl

Gray collar GirlGray Collar Girl

Purple Collar Girl - IttyPurple Collar Girl (Itty)

Red Collar GirlRed Collar Girl

yellow collar girlYellow Collar Girl