Puppies, puppies, puppies

June 19, 2017

The Clutter is now 6-1/2 weeks old.  They are happy, healthy, roly-poly Cardi babies.  Last week we took advantage of our friendship with Kevin Dooley (Kevin’s Photography) and did a photo shoot.  The puppies are very photogenic.  They’ve had many visitors — which they loved.  This week they will be temperament tested, microchipped, and have their first puppy inoculations.    On the afternoon of July 1st, we’ll hold the Puppy Party and evaluate them for show and performance and companion homes.  I have available one fluffy brindle boy and 1 pretty brindle girl.  If you have interest in either, please complete a Puppy Application (link at the top of the blog).  Meanwhile, enjoy these wonderful photos of the cute babies.

3 puppies in drawers 6-16-17

7 in a basket 6-16-17

blue girl in bucket 6-16-17

fluff in carriage 6-`16-17

Flutter w 3 puppies in carriage 6-16-17

Itty Leaving Bucket 6-16-17

yellow in bucket 6-16-17

Outake Wagon Wheel 6-16-17That’s All, Folks!