Puppies – Let’s Party

July 2, 2017

Yesterday we held the Clutter’s Puppy Party.  Thank you to Ellen Gerwin who helped us evaluate the babies.  Thanks also to the puppy holding club which got together one more time for this litter.  Jean and Ella held a clear spoon of Cheez Whiz to keep attention.

Three of the kids went to their new homes yesterday.  Gray Girl (may be Penny) went to Pennsylvania with Karen Yohe, Red Girl (Summer) also went to Pennsylvania with Pam Smith.  Our Itty went to Santa Fe with Rich Arimoto.  Black collar boy (Oisin) will be leaving Wednesday with Sheri O’Brien.  Sheri will kindly deliver yellow collar girl (Poppy) to Melinda Hanlon who lives in Elizabeth.  On July 11th, Ailene Chow will fly in from San Diego to carry the fluffy boy who will be known as Rain to his new home.  Blue girl and I will hang out together until the right (active home) comes along for her.

Gray Girl - front - 7-1-17 Gray Girl - side 7-1-17

Gray Collar Girl – Penny

Itty - Front - 7-1-17 Itty - side - 7-1-17

Purple Collar Girl – Itty

Red girl - Summer - Front 7-1-17

red girl - Summer - Side 7-1-17Red Collar Girl – Summer

 Oisin front 7-1-17 Oisin side 7-1-17

Black Collar Boy – Oisin

Fluffy Boy - Rain - side7-1-17 Fluffy Boy - Rain front 7-1-17

Fluffy (green Collar) Boy – Rain

Blue Girl front 7-1-17 Blue Girl side 7-1-17

Blue Collar Girl

Yellow Girl - Front 7-1-17 Yellow Girl - Side - Poppy - 7-1-17

Yellow Collar Girl – Poppy

I hope these Chase/Flutter puppies bring as much happiness to their new owners as they have brought to us here at the home of the Baddogs.