Puppies, Indeed!

October 8, 2017

Friday Tuli and I visited Dr. Donny for an ultrasound.  By golly, our little Tuli is pregnant with Chase puppies.  We saw four puppy bubbles on one screen so know for sure she is pregnant and that there are at least four puppies.  We do not try to do the ultimate count on an ultra sound.  We’ll xray for number of puppies and size on the morning of November 2nd.  Baybeez are due on November 5th.  I hope they have the same lovely temperaments exhibited by The Clutter.  I will hook up the puppy cam, and hope my friends, neighbors and relatives will join me for puppy holding parties beginning the weekend after Thanksgiving.  The Action Center will be set up and Chase will watch over the mom and puppies.  I love my puppies!

Untra Sound 10-6-17


  1. Laura Harper says:

    Even though we can’t add a puppy to our household right now, maybe Georgia and I can sneak in a trip north to hold babies and sniff puppy breath.

  2. Kathryn pucillo says:

    Which state are you located? Are all puppies spoken for? If not price range, looking for a male.

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