Eleven Weeks of Enjoying Puppies

January 23, 2018

The Tuli/Chase puppies are eleven weeks old.  On January 6th, Pam Day and I drove to T or C to meet Carol Ann Young.  She took the sweet boy Ezra home to Silver City.  After a few days with her, he earned the name “Willie” and that is who he will be (Elyan Max Baer).  He is fitting into her lifestyle, bringing her great happiness.  I love getting a photo from time to time.

 Willie 11 weeks

Last Thursday, Banter, now Aldo, flew to Portland OR with Kristine Hayes.  She is a creative puppy trainer and is head over heels in love with the happy boy.  Aldo goes to Kristine’s work every day where he is taking over the Reed College Biology Department.  (Elyan Jose Aldo)  Kristine is a huge MMA fan so while she was here, we took a quick trip downtown to the Jackson Wink Academy where some of the greatest MMA fighters train.  Alas, Holly Holm did not make an appearance.  Looking forward to loads of photographs of the growing Aldo.

Finally, there’s Alice (Elyan Holly Holm).  She is an adorable little girl with non-stop feisty.  She has a very full coat so I ordered DNA testing to make sure she is not a fluff.  I should know by the end of the week.  I REALLY hope she is not a long coat.  She is second princess to the beautiful sable River.  Alice has a dirty nose — always!

Alice 11 weeks

Chase is loving his harem of two little girls.  The three play non-stop — inside and outside.