Stacking The Chase-Tuli Puppies

January 13, 2018

I got people together.  Kathy Yarwood Sanchez offered up her fingers holding tiny disks of string cheese.  I wrestled with the little kids trying to stack them, Pam Day manned the camera.  Unfortunately the puppies did not freeze in little show dog position, but these shots will give you an idea of how they looked at two months old.

Alice stacked 1-6-18Alice (Elyan Holly Holm)

Banter Stacked 1-6-17Banter (becoming Elyan Jose Aldo, called “Aldo”)

Banter Front 1-6-17Aldo — mostly a front shot

Ezra stacked 1-6-18Ezra (Elyan Max Baer) – not particularly cooperative

Alice is staying with me, Chase and River (who loves playing with puppies littler than she is).  Banter/Aldo is going to Portland with Kristine Hayes.  Ezra is in Silver City with Carol Ann Young.  I wish the other three puppies had lived, but I love these three little Tuli/Chase children and consider them a gift.  They are happy, athletic, willing, and bold.


  1. hello penni its dennis the vizsla dog hay the yungsters ar lukking gud!!! ok bye

  2. Robin says:

    Hello Penny,

    I’ve followed your blog and your Cardis for many years. Thank you for continuing to share the joys ~ and sorrows ~ but mostly joys of your Cardigan families. When I see Elyan Cardigans in my notifications, I am always thrilled.

    I was honored to be owned by a Cardigan, Mr. Spock, for 14 years. The boy was an official Therapy Dog (serving in a children’s rehabilitation hospital), achieved AJX and AX in Agility, and proudly looked after his two cats and one rottweiler sister. Best of all, he was a loyal and loving companion. We lost him in May, 2017. My heart still aches.

    One day, my dream is to find another dear Cardi to share my world. Meanwhile, my heart is warm looking at your posts, at Chase and your puppies. Please continue to share!

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